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Ulcers and Back Pain

Posted on April 16, 2017 by Dr.Paul

There are different types of ulcers. Most of them pertain to the stomach or abdomen area. Some of the most common symptoms of an ulcer are a burning pain in and above the stomach, nausea, vomiting, heartburn or discolored stools. The most common symptom is heartburn, especially between meals, or after consuming certain foods, such as citrus, coffee and alcoholic beverages. Antacids can alleviate the pain, but the ulcer remains and still requires treatment.

In most cases, a person with an ulcer will not have many symptoms other then the stomach issues. However, in more extreme cases an ulcer can cause back pain by the ulcer perforating the stomach wall. This is very serious and needs medical attention immediately.

Medical conditions other than an ulcer cause back pain when there are no ulcer symptoms. If you have ulcer symptoms or are receiving ulcer treatments and experience sudden back pain, consult your doctor immediately.

In some cases, people with ulcers will have symptoms that radiate throughout the body. This can easily be confused with other illnesses. A stabbing pain through the gut into the back area may travel into the chest area. This can be easily confused as a heart attack. Most ulcer pain stays in the abdomen area. Others have had symptoms that are much more severe. Nausea is often one of the symptoms of a heart attack. The same is true for an ulcer. In any case, the person needs medical attention immediately. Take all precautions if you have a ruptured stomach, as this can be as serious as a heart attack.