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Too Young for Knee Surgery?

Posted on April 14, 2017 by Dr.Paul

A severe injury to the knee may require knee surgery. This can occur at any age. Failure to have a necessary surgery to correct a problem may result in the injury getting worse. Even to the point of total knee replacement.

Young people who sustain a knee injury, or have a medical condition resulting in knee pain, should have knee surgery if the doctor recommends it. The knees are important in just about every activity in a young person’s life. Getting surgery is important, so the person can become active again, while they are young. Waiting too long will result in time lost when the person is active and young. Younger people tend to be more active, so it is only logical that the person gets healthy as fast as they can.

Young people who have knee surgery face a greater risk for more knee surgeries in the future. This is because young people tend to be more active, thus there are much more opportunities to sustain a knee injury. This should not prevent us from getting knee surgery at a younger age. We cannot get time back, and it is more important that our bodies are healthier when we are young, when we tend to be more active. Young people also tend to take more risks, and may not follow medical recommendations. This makes them candidates for further possible surgeries.

Following doctor’s advice, as well as knowing your limitations will lower your chances of having further knee surgeries.