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Technology and the Spine—Am I Affected?

Posted on February 10, 2017

There’s no getting around it: Internet technology is here to stay. It’s a part of our social lives, and for many, it’s a part of working life as well. We gain many benefits from our computers and smart devices, but they may also be causing us some physical harm. However,… Read More

Chiropractic Care for Pregnant Women

Posted on February 09, 2017

Pregnancy is a natural and healthy process for most would-be mothers, but it some cases, it can cause specific pains or complications. In addition, being pregnant means having to avoid a growing list of activities, drugs or medications, and more. Thankfully, chiropractic care is not on that list. In fact,… Read More

The Link Between Sleep and Back Pain (and What To Do About It)

Posted on February 08, 2017

We now know what many have long suspected: sleep and back pain are inextricably linked. Poor sleep can make back pain worse, and vice versa. At PMR, we’re familiar this unfortunate relationship, but we’re also well-versed in the many ways that it can be improved. Chiropractic care will make a… Read More

The Pros and Cons of Massage At Home

Posted on February 07, 2017

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably already aware of some of the many benefits of massage therapy. At PMR, massage is one of our core modalities, and massage therapy is a component of many of our holistic treatment plans. Among other benefits, massage therapy can help to reduce stress,… Read More

Home Exercises: Supplementing Your Chiropractic Care

Posted on February 06, 2017

These days, there’s a plethora of evidence and research suggesting that a combination of chiropractic care and exercise can do wonders for sufferers of chronic pain—and in many cases, this combination may be even more effective than surgery. At PMR, we’re always looking for ways to improve our patients’ experiences… Read More

5 Frequently Asked Questions about Post-Op Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Posted on February 03, 2017

Orthopedic surgery may sound scary, but for many patients, it’s the best long-term choice. Once you’ve completed a proper holistic rehab, you’ll likely find yourself surprised by how much more capable and mobile you feel. Rehab isn’t easy, but when done properly, it’s absolutely worth it. At PMR, many of… Read More

The 5 Most Important Health Benefits of Yoga

Posted on February 03, 2017

Whether you’re a yoga beginner or an experienced yoga guru, you may find yourself wondering about the specific health benefits of regularly practicing yoga. You may have heard from friends that yoga can help you to feel strong, refreshed, and relaxed—but could it also help us live longer or lead… Read More

3 Delicious and Healthy Wintertime Recipes

Posted on February 01, 2017

When temperatures are frosty, the wind is howling, and you’re curled up with a blanket and a Netflix account, one’s appetite typically begins to lean toward cozy, comforting staples. And all too often, winter weather can turn into an easy excuse to eat indulgent, unhealthy foods that keep us feeling… Read More

The Basics of Chiropractic Care

Posted on January 31, 2017

Many of the principles and forms of treatment that we use at PMR have existed for hundreds, if not thousands, of years, but the chiropractic field is a little bit younger than that. In fact, chiropractic medicine was essentially invented by one Iowan man, Daniel David Palmer, in 1895. His… Read More

Can Eating Healthy Prevent Alzheimer’s?

Posted on January 30, 2017

No one knows for sure how Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of age-related mental decline develop, but many doctors believe that diet plays a significant role. As rates of Alzheimer’s continue to grow, recent research suggests that some of the diets that are best for our physical health may also… Read More