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What are 3D Custom Made Foot Orthotics?

3D Digitally Designed Custom Foot Orthotics are the newest state-of-the-art support system used to support, align, prevent, and/or correct the position and function of the movable parts of the feet. These orthotics are designed specifically for each foot of each patient and are intended to correct abnormal or irregular walking patterns by comfortably altering the angles at which the foot strikes a walking or running surface. These orthotics will be custom fit to go unnoticed inside your shoes.

Who should consider orthotics?

Essentially, anyone with feet, or who ages, should consider that utilizing custom made orthotics would immediately help to correct many foot and musculoskeletal issues while helping to prevent future issues. The aging process is difficult enough without the added stresses and pain caused by the breakdown of our arches and foot stability, which eventually leads to so many preventable problems as we get older. Remember: FOOT INSTABILITY CAUSES SKELETAL INSTABILITY

How can Custom orthotics benefit me?

Our custom made orthotics are designed from our patented initial 3D imaging process to give you relief and improve your gait and biomechanical function while preventing many future issues as you age. Unsupported joints and muscles degenerate and break down much faster than when your body has proper corrections, support and cushioning in the exact locations that your feet required.
Conditions such as foot fatigue and pain, heel spurs, neuromas, bunions, tendinitis of the achilles, knee and hip, knee cartilage/meniscus issues, shin splints, and all low back issues including sacroiliac, sciatic and disc problems can be improved and/or prevented with custom foot support.

Is orthotic treatment an ongoing process?

Once a positive diagnosis is made by our foot and lower extremity expert and our 3D designed custom orthotics are fabricated and dispensed, there is nothing further to be done other than wearing your new inserts after going through a short “break in” process. You will actually WANT to wear them every day! Most of our orthotics are crafted with the latest carbon fiber material which insures long term unwavering support and durability. This graphite composite type of device can actually last a lifetime if cared for properly!

How long before I should start to see results? / How long does it take for orthotics to work?

Orthotics begin to work with your first corrected step. Each time you take a step the orthotics will gently correct your walking pattern and make musculoskeletal correction from the ground up. You will notice an immediate difference and full benefits are commonly not attained for 4-8 weeks. It’s like receiving a gentle Chiropractic adjustment with each step.

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