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1 Padanaram Road Danbury, CT 06811 (203) 744-8013
304 Federal Road, Suite 109 Brookfield, CT 06804 (203) 989-0772

Existing Patients & Insurance Accepted

Insurance Accepted

Most insurances accepted, except Husky & Medicare.



All billing questions will be answered by either Practice Max &  Front Desk Staff.

For further questions please contact the main Billing office at (203) 744-8014 and speak with Debra.

Your insurance benefits and eligibility should be explained to you at your first appointment so we are all clear of what is taking places. IF its not explained to you please contact main Billing Office.



Please give 24 hour courtesy when cancelling or changing time of your appointment. Starting February 2013 we will begin to send NO SHOW fees to allpatients at all 4 locations.


Reviews from All locations:

– All reviews are posted online on google or yelp.com. If your a patient and have not yet written a review, ask the front desk at your location!


Northeast PMR  location, Brewster, NY:

  • I have been coming for physical here at Northeast PMR for 3 years now. I have seen amazing results and have had a wonderful experience. I am currently working with Mike and Percida and they are an excellent team dedicated to my physical well being. Every time I am greeted by the support staff who are diligent and very attentive. I would recommend PMR to everyone I know. TWO THUMBS UP!!!!! 🙂
  • I have been a patient of NEPMR since 2009 . I had a shoulder fracture and was not even able to fill out the forms.They actually filled them out for me, this is only one of many examples of the type of people you will deal with at Northeast. I work with Mike and Percida mostly ,but everyone is great there. You can’t find a better Physical Therapy practice.
  • I have been a patient at NEPMR for the past 3 years. I have been going for lower back, neck and muscular problems. Most of the staff has worked with me over the past few years and they have always been very helpful and professional. They always came up with new treatments as I progressed through my therapy sessions. Perceda, who is the therapist who has been currently working with me, is very thorough and makes sure I know how to do my excercises correctly. I always feel a lot of relief after she has worked on me. Dr. Ciatto has always taken the time to explain what was going on with my treatments and always reassured me that I would get better. I would not hesitate to recommend this professional team.
  • I have been a patient of NEPM&R’s Brewster office on and off for about 5 years. Each time I presented with an ailment I received a timely exam, diagnosis and an individually tailored treatment plan. At each treatment session I was greeted promptly and cared for by a trained professional. I have had back pain, wrist pain and shoulder pain successfully treated by Dr. Ciatto and his team and have not had any recurrence. I highly recommend this group if you are experiencing any orthopedic or sports related injury.

North Street PMR location, Danbury, CT

  • I have been going to your Brewster location for almost a year and in that time I have been treated with the utmost respect.The phsyical therapist that has been treating m injuries…Percida has always done and still is an outstanding job in my treatment of my two injuries. Also the office staff(Maureen) has always been there if a problem arises and also for her day to day pleasentries.I have recommended this to other people I know and will continue too. PAUL G. MAR.25,2012
  • I have been a patient here for about half a year but I do not regret my choice in coming to NSPMR!! The staff here is absolutely outstanding!! Dr. Tilden is amazing and kind! Jessica the receptionist is also organized and respectful every time I walk in the door and asks me how I am! Also Dr. Ciatto is the best in the business in adjustments and will make you go home satisfied after every visit! Whether you just have the normal aches and pains, were in a car accident, or something else, the staff here in Danbury are some of the best in the tri-state area!! They will NOT dissapoint!!!
  • I’ve been coming to North Street Physical Medicine for low back and hip pain. Dr. Rosco and Dr. Tilden are kind, compassionate and care for their patients. They provide a sense of comfort and make me feel at ease. This place is amazing. I highly recommend going to NSPMR for any physical therapy or chiropractic care.
  • I’ve been a patient at north street physical medicine for about two months,I enjoy coming to get treated. the staff is always pleasant and i’m greeted every time i come in the door all smiles.i recommend this center highly.
  • Welcomed me with proverbial open arms . care has been great ,and the staff all know what their doing !!! Friendly atmosphere ,make you feel VERY comfortable .
  • PMR has taken great care of my family for 5+ years. We are all very active and they are sports related injury specialists. They also cure sore knees and backs. They also work through bad insurance company issues!!

Danbury PMR location, CT

  • I came into this facility for neck and knee pain. I have been to many other places without relief. Dr. Meri Rosco and Dr. John O’Driscoll got me feeling better in no time. I haven’t been able to run in 3 years but I proud to say, with the help of this medical team, I am running a half marathon this Sunday! I truly enjoyed my experience at DPMR. These doctors are young, intelligent and eager to get you healthy. They create a comfortable and fun environment that makes going to therapy at the end of a stressful work day enjoyable. I recommend this place to everyone! Thank you Melissa, Jolyne, James, Dr. O and Dr. R!
  • I had vertigo and i was referred to this facility. Wasn’t very hopeful that this would help but Dr. John O’Driscoll was great from the start. He created a game plan and I followed his instructions and i finally have my life back. John was very knowledgeable, patient and always positive. His staff was also very polite, friendly and professional. I now can function normally and i’m very grateful, thanks John! If you have vertigo and need help i would highly recommend John O’Driscoll. Luis O.
  • My daughter and I have been going to DPMR since they opened. I can call them at any time with any problem and they are more then accommodating in getting me in ASAP. My daughter refused to go anywhere else ever again and I am with her on that. I have shoulder problems she has back problems and whenever we go in there we walk out feeling SO much better. I myself don’t need to go there all time but when I am in excruciating pain the girls at the desk can get me in that same day and I always walk out with more relief then I thought possible. Though we do miss Ann-marie. And Dr. Tilden is NOT hard on the eyes either, so that always helps. Haha! THANKS GUYS!! Julie E.
  • I equate my experiences w the folks at DPMR to finding a flashlight in a dark cave or the watering hole in the desert. SWEET RELIEF. I know whatever issue they will be taken care of by the team of Dr. O’Driscoll, Dr. Rosco & James no matter what. Health is taken for granted until you dont have it. Finding good, professional people to restore it is incredibly important and key to productive living. The team of pros at DPMR have allowed me to get back to a pain free, comfortable, active life. Signed – Captain America: the First Avenger
  • DPMR is the best medical facility I have ever been to. I have been dealing with chronic back problems for years, I literally could not stand up off of the exam table when I first walked into this facility. Now, I can do everything I used to do including training to run in a 5k this spring. I sincerely want to thank Dr. John O’Driscoll, Dr. Meri Rosco, James, Jolyne, and Melissa for giving me what felt like special treatment every time I walked through the door. John is the best physical therapist I have ever been to, his personal treatments and impressive medical knowledge blew me away. Dr. Meri Rosco is one of the nicest, intelligent, and effective Chiropractic Doctors I ave had the honor of seeing. Her great manual skills and encouraging attitude honestly helped get me where I am today. I don’t know where I would be right now if it weren’t for Dr. John O’Driscoll and Dr. Meri Rosco. This duo is the cream of the crop when it comes to rehab. I can’t say enough about this facility, but to simple put it, THEY ARE THE BEST! Thanks guys! 🙂 – Irving R.
  • I have found everyone at DPMR to be Great! I recently had surgery on my knee and needed a place go for rehab. My doctor told me DPMR was a great place to consider. I was appointed Dr. O’Driscoll as well as Dr. Rosco and they were great in every way possible. Their whole team was very polite and made sure I was comfortable. Dr O’Driscoll has very good multitasking skills in the way he manages his patients. They told me the plan and how we are going to execute the plan and how long the plan should take! Thanks you guys for all the help!
  • Dr. John is a wonderful therapist who has allowed me to walk again with out a limp. He is willing to push you hard and work unconventionally to get results. He is open to new ideas in treatment and is extremely creative in his sessions. Some days he has me pulling myself along the floor down the hallway on a stool with one leg. between the ultra sound, laser and stim Dr. John has changed my life for the better. Thank you and the rest of the staff. My only concern would be there Dr. John is a wonderful therapist who has allowed me to walk again with out a limp. He is willing to push you hard and work unconventionally to get results. He is open to new ideas in treatment and is extremely creative in his sessions. Some days he has me pulling myself along the floor down the hallway on a stool with one leg. between the ultra sound, laser and stim Dr. John has hanged my life for the better. Thank you and the rest of the staff. My only concern would be their billing office. They have a unique way of handling patients billing issues.
  • I have been dealing with cronic back pain for over 20 years and have seen every Dr possible to help me manage my pain. Dr. Rosco, Dr. O’Driscoll, James and Jolyne have worked closely with me to come up with a game plan to decrease pain and increase quality of life. In just a few short weeks my back is feeling better and I am gaining the knowledge to make this a life changing event. I am so happy I was referred to this facility by another patient who has experienced what I am experiencing right now. I would highly recommend this team of Dr. to anyone. THEY ARE SIMPLY THE BEST!!!
  • Every step caused pain when I first met the doctors at DPMR in October. Three hip surgeries in 18 months, including one botched replacement, caused extensive damage. I had more than 90 PT sessions since those surgeries at other facilities and several visits to my surgeon to help alleviate the pain. Nothing worked. The team of Dr. Meri Rosco, DC, Dr. John O’Driscoll, PT, and Mr. James Wolfe, LMT, worked as a team to rehabilitate all those damaged soft tissues, trigger-points and scar tissue. It worked! For the first time in five years I am walking without pain. My most sincere thanks to that dynamic trio.
  • I have found everyone at DPMR to be wonderful! I have suffered from back and neck pain for a long time. Within a short amount of time, being treated at DPMR has gotten me back on track and feeling comfortable. I know that being treated at DPMR was the best thing for me and I highly recommend the entire staff there. Thanks to all at DPMR for helping me! Special thanks to Dr. Joseph Del Giorno and Doc. John! Helen C.
  • DPMR has a great team. I would highly recommend this professional and knowledgeable group to anyone looking for any type of rehabilitation. Weather it’s massage therapy to acupuncture, there is no injury in which these doctors and physicians have not helped me with. Put your trust in them and they will get you back on your feet in no time.
  • Iv having really bad lower back pain for 3 years. Out of all the physical therapy places iv been this is the best. Out of the 3 years John O’Driscoll helps me the most then anyother person or place.
  • Katie Marsan – I had tried multiple physical therapists, both conventional and alternative methods with no significant results before going to Danbury Physical Medicine & Rehab. I am a violinist that has been “diagnosed” with carpal tunnel, tendonitis, and median nerve compression at the elbow. Some doctors suggested surgery to fix the problem, but that was something I really did not want to do, at least not yet. I have been going to Danbury PMR for several months now and they have helped with my pain and lack of strength tremendously. The doctors, therapists, message therapists, and receptionists are all very friendly and helpful. I look forward to my physical therapy appointments and I am so relieved to finally find something that works. They use a combination of methods specifically for you, that really work. I would definitely recommend Danbury PMR!
  • Greg Davis – I’ve been going to Danbury Physical Medicine & Rehab for a while and I always reccommend my friends and family to go here as well.  They’ve been able to help me rehab my arm, back to full health, after the ortho wanted to operate.  DPMR worked on my arm so I didn’t have to have surgery.  They’ve also helped me with my back a few years ago.  Great place, very caring, highly recommend them