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Nephritic Syndrome Diet

Posted on May 11, 2011 by pmruser

There are many types of diets. Most people think of diets as a way to drop unwanted fat. The truth is that there are plenty of very serious reasons to diet. The proper diet depending on your medical condition can extend your life for years.

A life-saving diet for kidney disease

One example of a life-saving diet is for kidney disease. A nephritic syndrome diet is for people who suffer with this particular form of kidney disease. This disease causes low levels of proteins, along with increases of lipid. A nephritic syndrome diet can restore the levels of protein and reduce the amount of lipid.

A proper nephritic syndrome diet can restore lost proteins

In some cases your doctor may choose to lower your protein content to reduce the risk of damaging your kidneys. It’s a very complicated disease and finding the proper diet is essential but there is no exact nephritic syndrome diet.

Sodium content is a concern in a nephritic syndrome diet

Every case has to be looked at individually and most likely will have to be adjusted accordingly. Salt needs to be reduced. That means no using table salt or adding it to recipes. Read all packaging in already prepared foods. There are many foods available with low sodium or even no sodium content. Eating fresh foods is always a better choice when it comes to this diet or any one as a matter of fact. Reducing you sodium content lessens your risks for many problems besides nephritic syndrome, but is essential when suffering with this illness.