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Maternal Nutrition – Dieting Right for You and Your Child

Posted on May 22, 2011 by pmruser

A proper diet is essential for our bodies to perform at peak performance. Our diet can also prevent illness which could lead to chronic and even fatal results. Proper nutrition begins even before birth. Maternal nutrition is not only for the mother but also for the unborn baby.

Proper maternal nutrition can deter illness after a child is born

It’s important for the mother because proper maternal nutrition will aid in keeping her body fueled and in peak performance as she carries her baby in the womb. The healthier the mother, the less likely are health issues. Maternal nutrition is not only helpful for the unborn baby; it also can be a deterrent for illness after the child is born.

Poor maternal nutrition places both you and your baby at risk

A woman who does not practice proper nutrition places both you and your baby at risk of contracting health related issues. It’s a fact that improper maternal nutrition can lead to low birth weight. This can pose severe problems. Low birth rate means higher risks of health problems for the child. It also means longer stays in the hospital, which means increased expense. This expense affects insurance premiums, and can result in severe financial distress, not to mention further health issues.

Avoid adverse and long-term health problems

The major consequence of the lack of good maternal nutrition is the adverse and long term issues it may cause. The health of the child could be in jeopardy right from the beginning and can go on right until adulthood. A child who is born under these conditions is far more likely to have chronic illnesses. This can lead to major expenses not only for the family but for society as a whole.