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Low Calorie Menu – Planning for Success

Posted on March 15, 2011 by pmruser

Losing weight and keeping it off is a huge issue for many people. Some overweight issues are caused by health problems or side effects from medication. In some cases water weight is the problem, but that will disappear naturally.

Poor eating habits and the lack of proper exercise

The majority of weight loss issues are poor eating habits and the lack of proper exercise. Our lifestyle may cause us to be less physical, and indulge in bad eating habits, such as eating too much, or eating the wrong foods, or just munching all day.

How to avoid side effects

A person who is basically healthy can lose weight and keep it off just by exercising and setting up a low calorie menu for their meals. Choosing other methods such as starving themselves, eating high protein foods containing very little carbs, (such as the Atkins diet) can cause major side effects. These diets can often lead to even worse health risks then being overweight. A low calorie menu is the best choice to lose weight and more importantly, to keeping the weight off.

Stick to a low calorie menu

A typical low calorie menu consists of plenty of green vegetables, lean meats, such as chicken and fish, and plenty of fruit. A low calorie menu contains all the proper nutrients which are obtained through the major food groups. A low calorie menu will ensure weight loss but at a much slower rate then other methods, however this is a much healthier choice. Older people tend to need fewer calories for energy and good health. A low calorie menu will need to be adjusted overtime, but will ensure good nutrition and health.