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Low Blood Pressure Diet

Posted on November 16, 2010 by pmruser

Controlling your blood pressure is important when it comes to your health. Most of the time we hear about people with high blood pressure, but having too low of a blood pressure is not good either. Low blood pressure can cause vital organs to fail because of the lack of blood being pumped throughout the body. Other less severe symptoms are:


    • Fainting


    • Blackouts


    • Fatigue


Watching and maintaining a healthy diet will assist in keep your blood pressure from dropping too far.

Concentrate on eating healthy

People who need to raise their blood pressure should concentrate on eating healthy. Smaller meals and eating more often are better than eating one large meal a day. Drinking plenty of water is also a great way to assist in keeping your blood pressure from dropping. Water is the best choice for all people no matter what illness you may have, however it is especially important for people who have low blood pressure.

Coffee, tea and some sodas will help raise your blood pressure temporarily

Increasing your salt and sodium intake will also helps raise your blood pressure but salt can cause other, more serious health risks. Always consult your doctor before increasing your salt intake. Avoid the use of alcoholic beverages. These will dehydrate you and may cause other adverse affects to people who have low blood pressure.

The best advice is to eat smart.

People with low blood pressure are generally healthier then those with high blood pressure. It’s still important to keep your pressure regulated. This usually can be done by eating a proper diet.