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List of foods to eat when you have an ulcer

Posted on November 04, 2010 by pmruser

There are several different types of ulcers. Your recommended diet will vary depending on the type of ulcer with which you are dealing. It used to be that people who have ulcers were told to drink lots of milk and stay away from spicy foods. The diets were bland, and very strict. Over the years, medical science has proven that dairy products may worsen an ulcer, and that a burrito with hot sauce can not cause an ulcer, or for that matter may not have any effect at all on the stomach.

How medical science treats an ulcer has changed dramatically

Gone are the bland diets, and the notion that stress causes ulcers. The bottom line is to eat healthy. It’s proven that foods don’t cause ulcers, so eat what you want, but eat smart.

Stop eating foods that cause you any discomfort

Coffee and alcohol are 2 drinks that may irritate an ulcer. It won’t make the ulcer any worse, but may cause unpleasant discomfort. Milk and dairy products may also cause the same irritation, because it stimulates acid secretion to your stomach.

It’s not so much what you eat; it’s more so you’re eating habits

Eat at spaced out intervals, and avoid eating right before bed. Eliminate snacks between meals. The less often you eat, the less acid is produced, thus causing less irritation. Eating a healthy diet is probably the best advice, when suffering from any kind of ulcer.

Always follow the advice and recommendation of your physician