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Lactation and Nutrition – Planning for More Than One

Posted on June 13, 2011 by pmruser

Many of us are health conscious; some more than others. Proper nutrition is important for our bodies to perform at their peak performance. A good diet can also prevent certain illnesses. What some people don’t realize is nutrition can have a direct impact on certain body activities.

Everything you eat directly affects your unborn child

Pregnant women need to know that everything they eat directly affects their unborn child. A poor diet can result in adverse health risks for the unborn child. This can also develop into chronic issues which could last a lifetime. Women who are breast feeding need to be concerned too. Lactation and nutrition go hand in hand. Proper nutrition is absolutely vital for women who are breast feeding.

Your diet affects the quality and ingredients of the milk you produce

The foods that are consumed directly affect the quality and ingredients of the milk you produce. Proper foods as well as the calorie intake are important for lactation and nutrition in general. Water is vital. A breastfeeding woman needs to drink plenty of water. Water intake should be more than for non-breastfeeding women. Breast milk’s foundation is water, so that makes it a priority that the woman stays hydrated.

Lactating women burn more calories

Lactation and nutrition rules allow the woman to increase her calorie count which is a nice change from always trying to cut out calories. A general rule is that everything you eat, or drink will somehow become present in your breast milk. Therefore, stay away from alcohol and even tobacco because the nicotine will become present in your milk. Eat multiple but smaller meals to keep your calorie intake at a higher level. This ensures your milk will be well nourished.