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Eating for Digestive Health

Posted on November 11, 2010 by pmruser

People who have a normal digestive track can follow a simple diet to maintain a healthy stomach and digestion system. One of the important things in maintaining a healthy digestion system is to drink plenty of water. Eight cups of water a day is the usual amount recommended. Juice contains about 90 percent water so this is also a good choice.

Eating high fiber foods is essential for a healthy digestive system

Fiber adds bulk and allows waste material to move through the colon better, and water keeps you system lubricated, whole grain foods, vegetables and fruit are great choices for fiber.

Avoiding certain foods is also important for digestive health

Fatty foods slow down digestion and can lead to many digestive disorders. Fatty foods are also linked to very serious conditions, such as colon and stomach cancer. Alcoholic drinks should be taken in moderation, because of the dehydration it causes. Men should limit themselves to 2 drinks or less a day, and women should only have 1 drink per day.

Make sure you get fiber in your diet even when you splurge

Sometimes it’s hard to avoid eating the wrong thing such as a fatty hamburger on the grill. If you do partake in a burger just add something fiber filled to go with that delicious hamburger. If you suffer from any digestive illness make sure you follow your doctor’s advice. High fiber diets may be the wrong thing or may have to be regulated depending on your condition. Otherwise eat smart, get plenty of exercise, and avoid or limit yourself to small amounts of fat and alcoholic beverages.