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Crohns Disease Diet

Posted on January 03, 2011 by pmruser

Crohns disease is chronic inflammation of the small intestines. This results in many symptoms which can range from slight discomfort, to sever abdominal pain.

Crohns disease affects the entire digestive system

The body does not get the proper nutrients when a person suffers from crohns disease, thus causing weight loss, poor appetite, and even in severe cases, malnutrition. There is no cure for crohns disease, but the symptoms can be controlled by a crohns disease diet.

People who suffer from crohns disease usually know the foods that cause their flare ups. Not everyone with crohns disease are affected the same. Therefore there is no specific scientific diet for crohns disease, because there are no set foods that cause crohns disease flare ups. Finding the proper crohns disease diet takes time.

The best way is to write down the foods you eat, and keep track of the food groups that cause you any discomfort.

Bloating gas, diarrhea, or any other stomach issues should be recorded. These trigger foods should be eliminated from your diet. Avoiding these foods should help eliminate flare ups. There are some basic strategies a person can take when it comes to a crohns disease diet.

  1. Eat a high calorie diet.
  2. Lots of protein is also important.
  3. It’s also critical to eat even if you don’t feel hungry.

One of the symptoms of crohns disease is the lack of appetite, therefore eating anyways is important. The bottom line is to find out what foods trigger your flare ups and avoid them. This will take some time, but in the long run will make your life more pleasant.