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Carb Controlled Diet vs. Calorie Counting Diets

Posted on January 18, 2011 by pmruser

Millions of people go on diets every year. The carb controlled diet, also known as the Atkins diet has become very popular in recent years. The carb controlled diet is very different then the very common, calorie counting diet. The calorie counting diet keeps track of the amount of calories that are ingested. This usually means very small portions of food, measuring every item you are consuming, and often going through the days, hungry and unsatisfied.

The carb controlled diet is very different

The main similarity between the two diets is that you cannot eat anything you want. However the low carb diet does not count the amount of food you eat, but only what type of foods you eat.

There are foods you can eat and foods you can’t eat on the low carb diet

The amount of food you eat is not usually a factor. You can eat 5 lbs of beef a day, but you can’t eat even one little cookie. Low carb diets work because the lack of carbohydrates in the body, reduce the amount of fat that is stored. Thus, a person will lose weight. However this diet also has risks.

Carbohydrates are necessary.

The body uses carbs for energy, and also for overall health. Going on a strict carb controlled diet should only be done by the advice of a doctor. You can lose weight very quickly on a low carb diet, but you also subject yourself to much health risk at the same time.