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Adult Food Allergy – Symptoms and Suggestions

Posted on September 07, 2010 by pmruser

There are literally hundreds of types of allergies known to mankind. Some allergies are found in the environment, such as hay fever, and other pollens and vegetation. Another major issue with allergies is in our food groups. Many adults and children suffer from food allergies. In many cases a person may have a food allergy as a child but as they grow older, the allergy may weaken, and even disappear. In other cases the allergy may stay with the person over their entire life. Still in other cases an an allergy may occur only as an adult, and not as a child.

An adult food allergy can be very mild, moderate or even severe

In any case an adult food allergy needs to be addressed, and a diet needs to be enforced, a mild adult food allergy may cause a person to have an upset stomach, or a little discomfort. A moderate allergic reaction may cause other digestive disorders such as, diarrhea, or vomiting. A severe adult food allergy can lead to vital organs being affected and even death if not treated immediately.

A person with an adult food allergy needs to know what they are eating at all times

Reading the ingredients on food packages, asking restaurants what is in their food, and simply finding the right diet and sticking to it, will eliminate any possible accidental ingestion of allergens. Follow your doctor’s recommendations on the right foods for you. There are many alternatives available that will ensure you receive the nutrition needed and eliminate the offending foods that cause you discomfort.