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5 Common Causes Of Hip Pain

Pain is associated with a wide variety of illnesses, injuries, and diseases. Hip pain is a very common physical complaint, especially among men and women aged 55 or older. What causes hip discomfort and what can be done about it? We will answer these questions in the following paragraphs. First, we’ll discuss five of the most common causes of pain in the hip joint.

Five Leading Causes of Pain in the Hips

While hip pain could result from dozens of different disease processes or injuries, there are five causes of this type of pain that remain the most common. These leading five causes of pain in the hips are discussed in more detail below.


Some statistical sources indicate that as many as 54 million Americans likely suffer from various types of arthritis. In fact, arthritic conditions remain one of the leading causes of pain and disability across the nation. The most common type of arthritis is called osteoarthritis. It is the type that is associated with the wear and tear on the joints that naturally occurs in the process of aging. Osteoarthritis is slightly more common in women, but it occurs in men too.

Hip Fractures

Hip fractures are very common in older individuals, especially older women who have osteoporosis. Sometimes a minor injury can lead to a small fracture in an older individual. The most common symptom of a hip fracture is a pain in the hip that is experienced mainly when the individual straightens, lifts or puts pressure on their leg.

Tendinitis or Bursitis

Tendinitis and bursitis are common joint afflictions associated with inflammation in the joint. This inflammation many times occurs from repetitive use injuries, making these two conditions common in tennis players and golfers. Tendinitis or bursitis that affects the hip joint is common in runners and other types of endurance athletes.


Hernias may not come to mind when a person thinks about the typical causes of hip pain. However, sports hernias are a common reason for pain in the hip. Pregnant women are also susceptible to hernias that can lead to pain in the hips.

Gynecological Diseases or Back Problems

It’s important that a person doesn’t automatically assume that the pain in their hips is a result of arthritis or some other benign condition. While benign causes such as arthritis are the most common sources of such pain, it can also be caused by more serious back problems or even reproductive issues in women. The best thing a person can do when suffering from chronic pain in the hips is to have a complete evaluation by a medical professional.

Pain in the hips and other joints continues to be a common affliction for many men and women around the country. Whether it is due to an injury, arthritis, or a completely different issue, chronic pain can be very disruptive to the day to day functioning of an individual. Gaining control of pain through various techniques can be difficult. Through continued self-help measures such as massage, mild exercise, or chiropractic treatments, it may be possible for those suffering from pain in the hips to find much-needed relief.

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