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5 Benefits Of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has been used as a healing practice for over 5,000 years as a way to treat injuries, relieve pain, and prevent and cure illnesses. There are a variety of massage styles to choose from that can provide benefit and relief to different pains or illnesses. Massage therapy is a part of integrative medicine and supports healing and recovery. 

1. Reduce Stress

Massage therapy is shown to reduce stress and improve mental health. Studies show that it increases alertness and reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression. The act of receiving a massage often gives people a feeling of comfort and connection, which is known to reduce stress and improve mood.

2. Improve Muscle Health

Regular massages can do wonders for your muscles. Depending on what kind of relief you are seeking, there are different types of techniques such as Swedish massage, deep tissue, and trigger point massage. While stretching is great for improving muscle flexibility, massage therapy can help release tension from tight or overused muscles. Research shows that massage therapy is a useful tool for athletes in preventing injury and reducing pain.

3. Improve Immune Function

Massage therapy is known to improve circulation and lymphatic flow, which helps distribute nutrients throughout the body and filter metabolic waste. Studies show that massage therapy increases the level of lymphocytes, a type of immune system cell.

4. Reduce Pain

Regular massages can reduce pain associated with injuries and chronic illnesses. Many findings show that integrating massage therapy into the patient care setting improves the patient’s recovery, both physically and psychologically.

5. Improve Sleep

The relaxing effects of a massage should not be underestimated. Massages can reduce stress and anxiety, relieve tension in the muscles, and calm the nervous system. It’s not necessary to get a massage right before bed to feel its positive effects on sleep.

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