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5 Benefits of Improving Your Posture

Posted on March 21, 2017 by Dr.Paul

Although we all know posture is important, we tend to lump it in with flossing, or avoiding our smartphone screens before bed: in other words, it’s the kind of thing your mother might harp on you about, but it just seems too inconvenient in our modern world.


But would you still feel that way if you were aware of the many ways that improving your posture can benefit you—from your breathing to your back pain to your self-esteem? Maybe, but we’d wager it might be enough to make you seriously reconsider.


At PMR, we treat many patients whose aches and pains could be reduced—in some cases, even prevented—with slight, subtle improvements in posture. With that in mind, we present five of the most important reasons to take a second look at the way you sit, stand, or sleep.


  1. Reduce your aches and pains. Poor posture is a leading cause of back and neck pain, which in turn are some of the primary reasons Americans visit their doctors and chiropractors. Better posture can help you to avoid these pains—and the complications that accompany them.


  1. Experience fewer health problems down the road. Poor posture can have negative effects on everything from your spine to your disks to your joints. As chiropractors, we’ve seen it all, and improved posture is an easy way to prevent these difficulties now.


  1. Open up your breathing. It’s a scientific fact that better posture leads to better circulation of air in the body. Not only does better breathing make your body stronger, it also helps your brain to feel more efficient and less fatigued, leading to increased alertness and performance (no energy drinks or coffee required).


  1. Look better. You may not like it, but your posture affects the way you’re perceived by others. People who practice good posture appear more assertive, powerful, and attractive—hey, that’s just science.


  1. Feel more confident. Here’s the fun part: improving your posture won’t just make you look better to others—you’ll feel better about yourself, too. Studies show that better posture leads to increased self-confidence, improved mood, and even lowered stress and anxiety.


Fixing your posture isn’t easy, but it’s doable—and if those benefits aren’t reason enough, then what is?


For more great tips on improving your overall health and wellness, contact us at PMR today!