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Sports Medicine

Advances in medical care have increased the number of people surviving severe injury, but many need the expertise of physical medicine experts to fulfill immediate and long term physical therapy needs. Your rehabilitation, recovery, and education are the primary focus of Physical Medicine of NY & CT’s Sports Medicine practice.

Sports Medicine – Our Approach

Physical Medicine of NY & CT concentrates on the medical and therapeutic aspects of sports participation and physical activity. You will enjoy facilities that boast:

  • A fully equipped gym
  • Private treatment rooms
  • State of the art equipment.

You will have direct access to the best therapeutic exercise equipment available. Exercise equipment is an essential part of your total rehabilitation plan. Your physical therapy is the key to recovery and to maintaining good physical health.

We are Health Care Professionals and Athletes

As athletes, the doctors offer you a unique understanding of the injuries you have sustained and the rehabilitation you will receive. Focus on your diagnosis, treatment and more importantly your education to help you in the prevention of injuries that occur due to sports participation and other physical activity is the primary concern.

As part of this program, sports medicine will provide you with details on the latest techniques and modalities available. Achieving optimal health and performance goals are key to the professionals at Physical Medicine of NY & CT.

You might be temporarily injured or severely impaired. Your condition may be a single disorder or multiple problems. Patients are referred to Sports Medicine Doctors by a wide variety of health care professionals including:

  • Primary physicians
  • Medical specialists in all fields
  • Insurance companies
  • And vocational counselors

Can Sports Medicine Help You?

Have you been injured at work, or suffered a strain participating in your favorite sport? Do you have pain when knitting or working at other creative hobbies?

You may need the help of a sports medicine specialist. Patients include people with arthritis, tendonitis, back pain, and injuries incurred at work or while participating in sports.

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We treat people of all ages, from youth to senior citizen. If you suffer from acute, chronic pain or other musculoskeletal disorders and would like more Sports Medicine – Physical Therapy Information,

We also treat patients who don’t have a referral and want relief from their pain now. Contact Physical Medicine of NY & CT to get more information on the Sports Medicine program or to schedule an appointment.

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