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Cold Laser Therapy

Our Approach

Physical Medicine of NY & CT offers the best cutting edge healing technology currently available, Cold Laser Therapy. Cold laser therapy uses light or photon energy to treat you. It can penetrate below your skin surface causing an increase in cellular metabolism, and it does this without any tissue damage. The reaction your body’s cells have to cold laser therapy is similar to the photosynthesis process. Your healing time could be cut by as much as one-half as long compared to treatment without cold laser therapy.

The advantages you get from cold laser therapy treatments are:

  • It is guaranteed to be non-invasive
  • It is an effective treatment for most of your sports related injuries
  • It can give best results for healing some of your wounds
  • It is an effective option when other treatments have failed

What You Should Expect from Us

The cold laser is applied directly to the affected part of your body. Your body absorbs light energy from the laser, which then stimulates your cells to produce greater amounts of cellular energy. Cold Laser Therapy is one part of your total treatment plan. You will receive a complete rehabilitation plan that will include physical activities that will strengthen your body, increase your body flexibility, and enhance the quality of your life. You will have access to a fully equipped gym, private treatment rooms and state of the art equipment.

Is Cold Laser Therapy Safe?

Cold laser therapy has been used for over 30 years. You may have seen cold laser therapy called by a different name such as low level laser therapy, or low power laser therapy, or therapeutic laser, or low-energy laser therapy. Cold laser therapy is totally non-invasive. Many professional and college sports teams are now treating their athletes with cold laser therapy.

Can Cold Laser Therapy Help You?

  • Do you have:
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • arthritis
  • back pain
  • or a sports injury?

Are you unable to participate in sports?

Are your physical activities limited by your pain?

You may need the help of a Cold Laser Therapy specialist.

Schedule an Appointment

Do you suffer from muscle pain, tendonitis, or tension myalgia? Have you been recently injured participating in sports? Do you have a nagging old injury? If you suffer from acute, chronic pain or other musculoskeletal disorders, contact Physical Medicine of NY & CT for an appointment.

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