4 Questions to Ask for your First Chiropractic Visit

May 20, 2015

When it comes to chiropractic care, there’s no reason to be left in the dark.


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The ABC's Of Juicing.

May 11, 2015

Self-care never comes down to just one practice or treatment plan. That’s why our team at PMR emphasizes a panoply of holistic treatments that include nutritional counseling.


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The Art of a Good Night's Sleep.

May 07, 2015

A healthy lifestyle begins and ends the same way your day does—in the bedroom. A good night’s sleep is the critical foundation of a productive and fulfilling routine.


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How to prevent work-related Injuries

Mar 26, 2014

Whether at a desk or on a construction site, injuries can occur in any setting.


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Benefits of Kinesio Tape

Apr 24, 2013

Kinesiotape has a wear time that ranges 3-5 days and yes, you can take a shower on those days! Patients report pain relief in about 24 hours and it serves as a great postural correction reminder. The taping techniques are used for tendonitis, muscle strains, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, and joint pain. It is utilized by professional athletes as well as the weekend warriors since it can be used as a lightweight, flexible brace. It is latex free!

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Healthy Tip Of the Month

Feb 01, 2013
10 Resons to Wear high heels less often:  Posture - Heels can alter the entire alignment of the body, moving pressure to the small part of the front of the foot that cannot handle all of the pressure. Arthritis - Altered walking with heels can create arthritis points in the joints like the knee and ankle. Muscle shortening – Though the back of the leg looks sexy in a good pair of heels, the shortening of the calf muscles lead to serious problems like plantar fasciitis.
Tags: heels, posture, arthritis, hammertoes, ankle, women, injuries

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Healthy Eating

Feb 07, 2012

There are so many people willing to give you advice on living a healthy life. They promise if you follow their word, and advice, you will be assured a great body and a healthy life. It seems with all these so called experts telling you what to do; it still comes down to following a few basic rules:

Tags: health issues, healthy eating, proper foods, proper nutrition

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Adult Food Allergy

Jan 31, 2012

There are literally hundreds of types of allergies known to mankind. Some allergies are found in the environment, such as hay fever, and other pollens and vegetation. Another major issue with allergies is in our food groups. Many adults and children suffer from food allergies.

Tags: allergens, finding the right diet, food allergies, food allergy, food groups, pollens, types of allergies

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Obesity in Kids - What causes it?

Jan 24, 2012

Many people struggle with weight gain or being overweight their entire lives. The sad truth is that obesity in kids has risen to staggering numbers in the past couple of decades. Being overweight is never a good thing in adults, but being obese as a child is even worse.

Tags: being overweight, cause weight gain, causes of obesity, improper diet, junk food, lack of exercise, medical problems, obesity in children, overweight child, proper diet, proper exercise

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